FabuLIS Italian Sign Language at school

Multimedia and art of teaching
by Eraldo Bonavitacola

Computers have joined the school…. and now, what can we do with them?

This is an usual question among the people involved:
- the teachers who well know the question is relevant and it isn't just a current trend.
- the parents having to compare their scholastic experience to the children's one and often they can't find any real contact
- the pupils having great expectations on this devices, even if often they're games in their minds.

Computers changed a lot the daily life: who can wait days or hours - like in the recent past - just to obtain a birth certificate? Who can despise the useful credit card?
Same kind of changes involves school world, but there are some troubles due to the slower capacity of innovation of this institution and to the absence of models and ...

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Multimedia and art of teaching

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Multimedia and art of teaching

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