FabuLIS Italian Sign Language at school


Our Tales ...

At all times tales are the pupil fantasy world, but also an affective world to try emotions and spur mind ways to grow. Stories are a common property of all the children and they can explore them using unusual communication ways.

The FabuLIS course uses four well-known tales to increase the linguistic competence of the deaf child, to help her imaginative growth and to give a new linguistic code to the other hearing children. Eight or nine imagines tell the story so that children can read it with their eyes and then they can perform the mime language. Afterward the part of each character has been translated in LIS with short and simple sentences; there was no difficulty on this because translating into "signs", as well as with mime experience, requires the total physical body involvement: sign sequence, face expression and body posture.

In the following tales the LIS construction is only reported, in the CD FabuLIS it is also possible to see the mime act.



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