FabuLIS Italian Sign Language at school

Once upon a time ...

A deaf child was present in a class of the Primary State School in Milan at Russo street.
By her auditory deficit, her possibilities of relationship in the school were seriously compromised, so her teachers decided to use the Italian Sign Language (LIS) to communicate each other.

In the school year 1996/97, an assistant teacher for this language began to interact between the deaf pupil and her school-friends.
"LIS" was introduced to the other pupils in informal way as one among a lots of communicative means in the class. All the children were very interested by this language and also a lot of pupils of the other classes voluntary learnt the Italian Sign Language.

The "LIS" utilization was positive and after a few time "LIS" became a project: the "FabuLIS" project.
At the end of this work, a multimedia CD was produced and distributed among the schools of the Milan province.

To give a better relief to the project, FabuLIS is now also a Web site.

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