FabuLIS Italian Sign Language at school

Headmaster says
by Federico Niccoli

FabuLIS linguistic laboratory of Italian Sign Language

An experience of integration between a deaf child and her hearing schoolfriends.
The difference: how a problem becomes a resource.

The mission of our P.O.F. is "From everybody according to his abilities, to everybody according to his needs". This is the inspiration of our didactic principles and our practices are finalised to consider "the difference as a resource". If the difference is the usual situation, the school has usually to differentiate its educational strategies.
The FabuLIS multimedia project is a concrete demonstration of the culture of integration of the handicap holders in the normal school.
The assistant teacher for the handicapped children has to become a resource for the whole class and for the whole team teaching.

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Headmaster says

Multimedia and art of teaching

The teaching project