FabuLIS Italian Sign Language at school

Circolo Didattico di Via Russo
Via Russo, 27 - 20127 MILANO
Tel. +39 02 2847034 - Fax +39 02 2892790
- e-mail: ddmirusso@rcm.inet.it


The FabuLIS project leaders:

Ms. Anna Fasoli ( fas.anna@libero.it ) for the Italian Sign Language and the realization of video
Mr. Eraldo Bonavitacola ( eraldo.bonavitacola@rcm.inet.it ) for multimedia didactic supports; CD and WEB production
Mrs. Luciana Tosino and Ms. Paola Ortenzi ( paola.ortenzi@rcm.inet.it ) for the English translation.

FabuLIS has the sponsorship of CODINF - COordinamento Docenti INFormati(ci) - http://www.codinf.it

FabuLIS CD has been produced thanks to the support of "Provincial Work-Group on Handicap" of Milan.


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